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Journal Papers
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Fast-dissolving antioxidant nanofibers based on Spirulina protein concentrate and gelatin developed using needleless electrospinning May 2022
Potential application of DBD Plasma Technique for modifying structural and physicochemical properties of Soy Protein Isolate January 2022
Physicochemical properties of beef burger after partial incorporation of ethylcellulose oleogel instead of animal fat January 2021
Physicochemical properties of foam‐templated oleogel based on gelatin and xanthan gum February 2020
Evaluation the role of Breading Particle size and Soy Protein Isolate on Physicochemical properties of Chicken Nugget November 2020
Investigation of oleogel characteristics in non-thermal process using gelatin and xanthan biopolymers and its fortification with vitamin D July 2019
Effects of edible coating containing nano‐emulsion of Aloe vera and eugenol on the physicochemical properties of shrimp during cold storage January 2019
Effects of dielectric barrier discharge plasma on the physicochemical and functional properties of myofibrillar proteins January 2019
Physicochemical properties of fried shrimp coated with bio-nano-coating containing eugenol and Aloe vera July 2019
Application of high-intensity ultrasonic radiation coupled with papain treatment to modify functional properties of beef Longissimus lumborum November 2019
Evaluating the Effect of Cooling Rate and Organogelator Concentration on the Textural Properties of Sesame oil Oleogels and Comparison with Animal Fat February 2019
Designing an active phase change material package for thermal and qualitative protection of meat September 2019
Chemical stability of rainbow trout in icing medium containing pistachio (Pistachia vera) green hull extract during chilled storage February 2018
Evaluation of wheat flour substitution with amaranth flour on chicken nugget properties March 2018
Effects of Ultrasound on Microstructure and Enzyme Penetration in Beef Longissimus lumborum Muscle January 2018
Production of sesame oil oleogels based on beeswax and application as partial substitutes of animal fat in beef burger April 2018
Investigation of stability, consistency, and oil oxidation of emulsion filled gel prepared by inulin and rice bran oil using ultrasonic radiation January 2018
Application of ultrasound treatment for improving the physicochemical, functional and rheological properties of myofibrillar proteins February 2018
Improvement of meat tenderness by simultaneous application of high-intensity ultrasonic radiation and papain treatment. January 2017
Effect of Different Vegetable Oils on Sensory Evaluation and Quality of Canned Tuna Fish September 2017
Thawing of frozen tuna fish (Thunnus albacares) using still air method combined with a high voltage electrostatic field January 2016
Effect of high voltage electrostatic field thawing on the lipid oxidation of frozen tuna fish (Thunnus albacares) August 2016
The effects of Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) coating on the quality of shrimp during cold storage October 2015
Qualitative improvement of low meat beef burger using Aloe vera October 2015
Impact of high voltage electric field thawing on the quality of frozen tuna fish (Thunnus albacares) July 2015
Solid-State Protein–Carbohydrate Interactions and Their Application in the Food Industry August 2014
Nanomechanical characteristics of meat and its constituents postmortem: a review February 2014
Strategies Used in Production of Phenylalanine-Free Foods for PKU Management April 2014
A new, simple method for the production of meat-curing pigment under optimised conditions using response surface methodology May 2012
Role of globin moiety in the chemical structure of curing pigment. April 2012
Chemical and microstructural evaluation of “Hard-to-Cook” phenomenon in legumes (Pinto bean and small-type lentil) May 2011
Evaluation the effect of fermentation, hydrothermal treatment, soda, and salt on phytase activity and phytate content of three iranian wheat cultivars. December 2011
Comparative Evaluation of Iran Scientific Productions in Food Science and Technology with Ireland, Turkey, Egypt, Argentina and Malaysia in Web of Science through 1990- 2010. April 2011
Acrylamide in foods: chemistry and analysis, a review November 2011
Camel cocktail sausage and its physicochemical and sensory quality March 2010
Comparison of fresh beef and camel meat proteolysis during cold storage April 2008
Conference Papers
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Production and evaluation of low-fat sausages using hydrocolloid gel February 2017
Optimisation of gel filled emulsion production based on inulin and rice bran oil September 2016
Evaluation of Ultrasonic and Papain Effect on Beef Tenderness. September 2016
Production of oleogel from beeswax and evaluation of its physicochemical properties September 2016
Production of oleogel from beeswax and evaluation of its physicochemical properties September 2016
the feasibility of using phase change materials for maintaining meat temperature during temperature fluctuation September 2016
Evaluation of wheat flour replacement with amaranth flour on physicochemical properties of chicken nugget September 2016
Determining the optimum condition of phenolic extraction from pistachio (Pistacia vera) green hull and pomegranate (Punica granatum) peel March 2015
Effect of Icing with Pistachio Green Hull Extract on Oxidative Stability of Rainbow Trout during Storage. September 2015
The Strategies for Production of Healthier Meat Products February 2015
The role of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Fermentation and Preservation of Meat May 2014
Application of High Voltage Electric Field in Food Thawing December 2014
High voltage lectric field application in defrosting food products February 2014
Reduction of nitrite risk in meat products by encapsulation of nitrosoheme using supercritical antisolvent process. February 2013
Probiotics in Meat Products October 2013
استفاده از واکنش‌هاي مايلارد در جهت بهبود خواص عملکردي پروتئين‌ها October 2013
Application of Maillard reaction for Improvement of Functional Properties of proteins October 2013
Preparation of nitrosoheme under optimized conditions for removal of nitrite from meat products November 2011
Nitrite sources in diet October 2011
Scientometric study of Iranian scientific publication in the field of Food Science and Technology based on the database of Web of Science (1990-2010) November 2010
Physicochemical, microbial and microstructural properties of camel meat sausage October 2008
Comparison of camel and beef semitendinosus muscle tenderness using myofibril fragmentation index November 2007
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Food Microbiology: An Introduction July 2014
Introducing Food Science Summer 2013
Basic Calculations for Chemical and Biological Analysis July 2012
Chemistry and Technology of Meat and Meat Products. September 2011