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Production and evaluation of low-fat sausages using hydrocolloid gel

Newsha Nourbehesht, Hajar Shekarchizadeh, Nafiseh Soltanizadeh. 2017. Production and evaluation of low-fat sausages using hydrocolloid gel. 2nd Conference on Methods to Increase the Shelf-life of Food Products.


Pattern people to use nutritional food with high fat percentage has gone. This new approach to expansion, the rise in obesity and the prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, some, heart disease and some have been Neoplasms. As a result, tend to use less fat-containing foods among consumers strongly be seen. Removal of fat in the diet leads to poor performance in throughput and sensory properties. So varied and extensive as fat replacement ingredient for achieving food products have been introduced Km¬Chrb. The aim of the present Endurox, 50% reduction of fat in meat Fravrdh¬Hay using gel emulsion that contains inulin, Low-fat sausage properties obtained in terms of pH, cooking loss, water holding capacity was evaluated respectively. The results showed significantly reduced cooking loss in Svsys¬Hay containing emulsion gel but increased water holding capacity and pH.

Keywords: Inulin, Fat substitutes, Sausage


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