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Role of globin moiety in the chemical structure of curing pigment

N. Soltanizadeh, M. Kadivar. 2012. Role of Globin Moiety in the Chemical Structure of Curing Pigment. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 60(18): 4718-4724.


In this study, the role of the globin moiety in the structure of this pigment has been evaluated, using myoglobin and hemin as model systems. After the synthesis of the cured pigment from the compounds used in this study, the absorption spectra, Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and ESI/MS spectroscopy were used to evaluate the chemical structure. Results indicated that the UV/visible, IR absorption and mass spectroscopy of the cured pigment produced from myoglobin and its counterpart without the globin moiety, hemin, is different. Whereas myoglobin produced mononitrosylheme, hemin converted to dinitrosylheme, but probably the second nitric oxide group attached to the propionate side chain of the heme ring.  It seems that the globin moiety protected heme ring against the second nitric oxide group.

Keywords: Myoglobin; Hemin; Nitric oxide; Globin; Light fading; FTIR; ESI/Mass spectroscopy.

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